Robotic Steel Fabrication

The Future of Steel Fabrication.

Introducing the newest member of the Protech Team, our Prodevco PCR42 (we affectionately call it Domo).  Domo is the most advanced robotic-plasma steel cutting solution available.  It combines CNC plasma cutting and torch technology with fully-automated robotics and laser measuring systems for best-in-class structural steel cutting.  For our customers this delivers the perfect blend of speed, precision, and complete 7-axis operation.

Custom Fabrication.

We understand that metal fabrication requires flexibility, versatility and knowhow.  With extensive fabrication and welding facilities as well as highly skilled and experienced staff we can effectively fabricate for a multitude of applications across a broad range of industries both local and abroad.  Now, with our robotic processing, turn around times are faster than ever…..weeks have become days, days have become mere hours.  

Large Structural Assemblies.

With the addition of our new structural beam/column/angle/channel processing line, Protech is now able to produce large, complex assemblies with full CNC precision.  If it fit together on our 3D modelling software, it fits in real life…..every time.  

Complex Jobs.

Protech is now able to offer HD-Plasma plate and full structural processing services for steel, stainless and aluminum.  With our 24′ x 8′ plate capacity and 36″ x 16″ structural section capacity we are able serve many residential, commercial and industrial industries……fast.  By working in conjunction with our full time 3D modelling staff, extremely complex jobs are now not only possible, but can be delivered on time or before.  


10X the Efficiency

Restaurants / Tables / Shelving / Retail stores / Awnings / Commercial / Industrial / Tenant Improvements / Mezzanines / Signage


Scribing and Layout

Machinery / Equipment / Excavators / Dump Trucks / Buckets / Plows / Augers / Hammers / Trailers / Cast Steel / Aluminum

7 Axis Operation

Strength, Beauty, Design Freedom

Contemporary  / Open Floor Plan / Renovations / Folding Glass Wall / Glazing Support / Canopies / Skylight Framing / Wood Beam / Timber Frame Saddles and Brackets

Domo handles any Steel Job we can throw at it.

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